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Blender Projects

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A Blender Model of a Church
A Church
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A Blender Model of a Bike
A Bike
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A Halloween Scene made with Blender
A Halloween Scene
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A Scene of a City made with Blender
A City Scene
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A Character being made in Blender
Character Design

The Church

The Church was one of the projects we worked on at the start of my Level 6 course in Creative Digital Media. We were simply required to use Blender's tools to make a model of a church to see our current skills in Blender.

The Bike

The Bike was another project we worked on at the start of the course. As another test of our current skills, we were asked to create a bike in Blender.

The Halloween Scene

The Halloween Scene was a collection of Halloween themed items made in Blender before the October Mid-Term holidays. We created this scene to celebrate the season of scares using a collection of new tools, modifiers and functions we learned about in Blender.

The City

The city was our first major project for the year in relation to Blender. For this project, we had to create a scene of a city containing roughly five buildings and some form of decoration.

Character Design

The image descibed as "Character design" is an image of a character still in the design process for my second, and final, major project. For this project, we have to make a scene containing an animated character performing some form of action for roughly thirty seconds.
The exported animation in question is shown below.

Animated Character