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Kinetic Text Project

This is Kinetic Text Project I had to make for Graphics and Animation.

Development Process

Image from Adobe Audition

For the first step of my project, I had to acquire at least ten seconds of audio from a song of my choice.
In my case, I used "Something About Us" by Daft Punk. I chose this song because I thought it was a very interesting and unique piece of music.

The Storyboard I drew

Now that I knew the exact audio I was working with, I drew up a storyboard, so I had a plan on what should happen and when it should happen.

New Project Screen from Adobe After Effects

For the second step, I had to start a new project in Adobe After Effects using the settings shown.

Text at the start of the video

With the project properly begun, I placed my first lines of text "It might not be the right time" onto the project panel.

Timeline from Adobe After Effects

The first pre-set animation I applied to the text was the "Typewriter" effect which makes the text suddenly appear letter by letter, which I applied to the "it might not be the" portion of the text.

Timeline from Adobe After Effects

I manually applied keyframes to the "right time" portion of the text, adjusting the position and opacity of the text.

Text from the start of the video

With the first pieces of text edited, I moved on to a new line of text, a line of text that says "but there's" at the bottom of the screen, keyframed to zoom in from the right of the screen for a brief moment.

Timeline with Keyframes

With the new text added and edited, I adjusted the keyframes on each line of text so that they come off the screen at roughly the same time.

Animation Effect from Adobe After Effects

With the first half of the text completed, I moved on the lines "Something About Us" and adjusted their position and colour with keyframes to give them a slight glow as they moved in.

Animation Text Effect

With "Something About Us" added in, I then typed in "I've got to do" just beneath it. With the text applied, I then used the preset "Random Fade Up" text effect for it's transition into the video.

Text in Adobe After Effects

The last line of text I put in the video consisted of my name and the year the video was made, 2021. For transition, I just had the opacity rise as the video was ending.

Edited Text

Following peer reviews, I decided to make alterations to my project, including the colour and timing of the first line of text and the direction that some of the lines come in from.

Adobe Media Encoder

With the video itself complete, I had the video saved and exported through Adobe Media Encoder with the settings shown.